s-prodProduction Homes

All of our engineering and drafting tools were developed around residential engineering. We understand the production home industry as well as the speed and responsiveness that is required. Whether you have just one plan that you are building or you have dozens of different plans that you are building, we are able to work with you. Whether you are building in just one location or dozens of locations, we understand how to provide engineering that will be cost effective and code compliant. We are able to engineer for multiple pop out options, unique elevations, roof framing options, garage options, etc. Ask us about our system of base plans and reuses and see how it can save you time and money.

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s-customCustom Homes

Whether you are building someone’s dream home in the valley or someone’s vacation home in the mountains, we can provide a cost effective and well thought out product. We have a wide range of experience dealing with large custom homes. Large picture windows, steel frames, deep sports courts, precast panels in the garage, high snow loads - we have seen it before and are confident that we can help you out.

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We have worked on a wide range of light framed commercial projects. The commercial projects we have worked on range from fast food buildings to four-story light framed hotels. We also have experience working with masonry structures and pre-fabricated metal building foundations.

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s-timberTimber Frame

We have worked closely in the past with Brigham Young University and local timber frame manufacturers to better understand wood connections in structural timber frames. Acute Engineering has sponsored projects and thesis by graduate students to gain a more thorough understanding. We are also involved with the Timber Frame Guild to stay at the forefront of timber frame developments.

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Why use Acute Engineering?

  • Structural Analysis
    In house developed analysis tools allow us to quickly size beams, posts, shear walls, hold-downs, and footings. These tools are tied to our databases which allow us to quickly update information including location, wall heights, square footages, etc. Calculations will be provided in a structural report that will be simple and easy for the building official to review.
  • Drafting
    Automated drafting tools allow our drafters to quickly apply our structural marks and details to your plans. The automated tools ensure that the drawings you get back from us are consistent in look and feel. We also have a large library of details that will work for most projects. The details that will be included with your plan will not be a boiler plate of details but instead will be specific to your project.
  • Organized
    We take pride in our database and organization. Each project receives a unique project number that quickly allows us to look up your project. Even if you can’t find your project number, we can quickly find your project with just a little bit of information. Having this information at our fingertips allows us to provide answers quickly to field issues.
  • Quick Turnaround
    The home owner just requested some windows changes after construction already started; the foundation guys forgot to install hold-downs; the city is asking for a roof truss submittal review. There’s no need to worry. Acute engineering has historically turned around engineering addendum letters addressing field issues within 24 hours.
  • Competitive Price
    We may not be as cheap as Bob working in his basement but we are confident that we can provide a product that is comparable in price to other local engineering firms. We promise that the level of service and the quality of product that you get in return will not be matched by our competitors.
  • Good Communication
    Every email and phone call will be responded to in a timely manner. Every time you email us a project, you will receive an email response with your project number and a link that will allow you to track the progress of your project.