Chris has been with Acute Engineering since April 2009. After finishing his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering at Brigham Young University he joined the Acute Engineering as a part time engineer. He continued his education at Brigham Young University and earned his Masters of Science degree in Civil Engineering in December 2010. Chris became a full time employee in September 2010. Within a year, Chris became a senior engineer and Production Manager.

Chris took the Professional Engineer exam in April 2013 and became a licensed Professional Engineer in July of 2013, and became licensed in Colorado in 2017. He oversees and manages a majority of Acute Engineering’s Utah County relationships while maintaining the company’s analysis tools. In addition to being a relationship manager, Chris helps train new employees, review work done by project engineers, and engineers the larger and more unique projects.  In 2018, Chris accepted the position of President of Acute Engineering.  He is actively involved with the Structural Engineers Association of Utah.