Breyandi was born and raised in Waimanalo, Hawaii. She moved to Provo, Utah in August of 2010 to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. After completing her undergraduate studies at BYU in December 2014, Breyandi joined the Acute Engineering team in January 2015 as an engineer-in-training. She then continued her education at BYU for her Master’s degree while working part-time at Acute Engineering. Her graduate project was focused on creating a moment frame strength analysis tool through excel.  Breyandi graduated with her Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering in April 2016 and began working full-time for Acute Engineering shortly after. She began as the project engineer, with her roles including assisting in the training of new employees, performing structural analysis on residential projects, and reviewing plans.  She later oversaw the department as the Engineering Manager. Breyandi received her professional licensure in January of 2019 and moved into her current role as client manager shortly thereafter.