Acute Engineering


Acute Engineering is a structural engineering firm specializing in light frame construction. We focus on residential construction but also support commercial projects that utilize light frame construction techniques. Established in 2002, Acute Engineering is one of the premier light frame construction engineering firms in Utah. With an office located between Brigham Young University and Utah Valley University, we draw on some of the best and brightest young minds and graduates in the fields of drafting and structural engineering. We have developed tools, programs, and procedures that allow us to provide engineering at a very competitive cost while maintaining quick turnarounds. Whether you are working on a residential home or a commercial project, come see what Acute Engineering can do for you.

Our Team

  • Alihi Faalafua
    Production Engineer
    Alihi joined Acute Engineering in November of 2016 during his senior year at Brigham Young University and has since graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering. He began his full-time position at Acute after finishing his graduate studies at Utah State University in May of 2019. As a production engineer, Alihi works on a variety of projects which range from production homes to large custom homes. He also provides plan review and mentoring for less experienced engineers.
  • Alison Simpson
    Production Engineer
    Alison (Ali) joined the Acute Engineering team in April of 2015 during her junior year of undergraduate studies at Brigham Young University.  She graduated at the top of her class with her Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in December of 2016 and began her full-time position at Acute shortly after completing her graduate studies at BYU in April of 2018.  Her graduate research was focused on the development of seismic design criteria for stand-alone timber frame structures.  As a project engineer, she performs structural design and analysis for larger custom projects with specialization in timber frames, steel moment frames, reinforced masonry, and ICF structures.  She also provides mentoring, training, and plan review for newer members of the engineering team while continuing to prepare for professional licensure.
  • Analise Seely
    Production Engineer
    Analise was raised in Logandale, Nevada and in the fall of 2010 she moved to Provo, Utah to begin studying civil engineering at Brigham Young University.  She began working for Acute Engineering in 2014 during her senior year and graduated in December of 2014 with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering.  In September of 2017 she returned to Brigham Young University to pursue her masters in civil engineering and resumed her work at Acute Engineering.  Upon completion of her graduate work in December of 2018 she accepted a full-time position at Acute Engineering.  As a production engineer, Analise works on a range of projects, from production homes and large custom homes to smaller commercial buildings.  She also provides plan review for less experienced engineers, helps with training new hires, and is preparing to eventually obtain professional licensure.
  • Andrew Van Every, P.E.
    Licensed Engineer
    Andrew joined Acute Engineering in June 2019, but has been working in the structural engineering industry since 2011, where he first began work as a structural engineering intern and draftsman. Since graduating from BYU in December 2012, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering, he has accumulated a broad range of structural design experience. This experience includes the design and analysis of residential remodels/renovations and new constructions; light-framed commercial; and industrial structures. He also has experience consulting on large scale commercial and demolition projects. Andrew is a licensed Professional Engineer in the states of Texas and Utah. He currently manages client relationships while also engineering large projects and reviewing project engineer plans.
  • Brandon Decker, P.E.
    Brandon joined Acute Engineering in September 2011 as a student employee while working on his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Civil Engineering at Brigham Young University. His thesis was a joint effort between BYU and a local timber frame manufacturer testing interlocking cross laminated timber (ICLT) panels. He began working full time at Acute Engineering in December 2013. Brandon currently manages client relationships while also overseeing the Engineering and Drafting departments as Acute's Operations Manager. He is a licensed Professional Engineer in Oregon, Utah, and Washington.
  • Breyandi Bond, P.E.
    Licensed Engineer
    Breyandi was born and raised in Waimanalo, Hawaii. She moved to Provo, Utah in August of 2010 to pursue her Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering. After completing her undergraduate studies at BYU in December 2014, Breyandi joined the Acute Engineering team in January 2015 as an engineer-in-training. She then continued her education at BYU for her Master’s degree while working part-time at Acute Engineering. Her graduate project was focused on creating a moment frame strength analysis tool through excel.  Breyandi graduated with her Master of Science degree in Civil Engineering in April 2016 and began working full-time for Acute Engineering shortly after. She began as the project engineer, with her roles including assisting in the training of new employees, performing structural analysis on residential projects, and reviewing plans.  She later oversaw the department as the Engineering Manager. Breyandi received her professional licensure in January of 2019 and moved into her current role as client manager shortly thereafter.
  • Chris Yeates, P.E.
    Chris has been with Acute Engineering since April 2009. After finishing his Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering at Brigham Young University he joined the Acute Engineering as a part time engineer. He continued his education at Brigham Young University and earned his Masters of Science degree in Civil Engineering in December 2010. Chris became a full time employee in September 2010. Within a year, Chris became a senior engineer and Production Manager. Chris took the Professional Engineer exam in April 2013 and became a licensed Professional Engineer in July of 2013, and became licensed in Colorado in 2017. He oversees and manages a majority of Acute Engineering’s Utah County relationships while maintaining the company’s analysis tools. In addition to being a relationship manager, Chris helps train new employees, review work done by project engineers, and engineers the larger and more unique projects.  In 2018, Chris accepted the position of President of Acute Engineering.  He is actively involved with the Structural Engineers Association of Utah.
  • Connor Jensen
    Production Engineer
    Connor was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta and moved to Provo, Utah in 2011 to attend BYU. He began working for Acute during his junior year in 2015 and has since graduated with his Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering in 2017. He engineers a variety of projects, and is an in-house expert on timber frames. In addition to mentoring new engineers, he previously led development of our engineering training program and assisted in development of our custom engineering analysis tools.  He currently serves as the Engineering Team Lead.
  • Jacob Ballard, P.E.
    Like many on our team, Jacob joined Acute as a part time employee in September 2014. His education in engineering began in 2007 and he graduated from BYU in 2010 with his undergraduate degree.  Continuing his studies at BYU, he earned a Master of Science in Civil Engineering in April, 2012. His graduate thesis focused on developing a more precise, efficient and cost effective way to test masonry prisms in compression. His thesis was eventually published and presented as part of the Canadian Masonry Symposium. After graduation, Jacob’s entrepreneurial spirit drove him to start his own company, outside of the engineering discipline, where he learned and developed invaluable skills. Ultimately, he returned to his passion of structural engineering. Jacob became the senior project engineer in January 2016, overseeing operations. He became a licensed Professional Engineer in October 2017. He now manages client relationships, engineers larger projects, and reviews project engineers' plans.
  • Kaue DeMaria
    Production Engineer
    Kaue was born and raised in São Paulo, Brazil. He joined Acute Engineering in July of 2017, during his Senior year. He received a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Civil Engineering at Brigham Young University. He graduated with his Bachelor’s degree in December 2017 and later began his full-time position at Acute. Kaue is currently an Engineering Team Lead and works on a range of projects, from smaller production homes to custom homes. He is experienced in training new hires and assisted in the development of the training program
  • Mason Williams
    Drafting Manager
    Mason started working at Acute Engineering as a drafting student while attending UVU. Mason continued at UVU to receive his Bachelor of Science degree in Technology Management with an emphasis in Drafting in 2016. Mason oversees the hiring and training of drafters. He reviews completed projects and provides feedback to production drafters to continually improve Acute Engineering’s drawings. He has experience working with both AutoCAD, Revit, and other AutoDesk suite programs. Mason also maintains Acute Engineering’s drafting tools and automated commands and works with clients to ensure that the drawings that are sent back to clients meets their requirements and expectations.
  • Natalie Bury
    Office Manager
    Natalie serves as the Office Manager for Acute Engineering. Natalie joined the Acute Engineering Team in April of 2013. she has worked in the office industry for over 22 years. As the office manager, she maintains office services by organizing office operations and procedures, preparing payroll, accounts payable and receivables, controlling correspondence, designing filing systems, reviewing and approving supply requisitions, assigning and monitoring clerical functions.
  • Paul Thorley, P.E., S.E.
    Paul has more than 20 years of experience in engineering. He has a wide range of engineering experience including mechanical and structural engineering. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Moorpark College in California as well as a Bachelor of Science degree and Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Brigham Young University. Paul is a licensed Structural Engineer in the State of Utah and a licensed Professional Engineer in the State of Idaho. Paul is a member of Structural Engineers Association of Utah and is the committee chairman for the Structural Engineers Emergency Response committee. He has helped in establishing the requirements and procedures for structural engineers to become certified by Utah Division of Emergency Management to investigate structures after a seismic or wind event. As Founder, Paul maintains an active role in Acute's corporate responsibilities while also managing Acute Engineering’s Salt Lake County relationships.
  • Spencer Stanley
    Engineering Manager
    Spencer joined the Acute Engineering team in November of 2015 while studying for his undergraduate at Brigham Young University. Since joining, he has completed his Master of Science while achieving top student in each of his structural engineering courses. He recently accepted the position of Engineering Manager, and in addition to engineering, he manages and trains the engineering team. Spencer specializes in designing steel frames, masonry structures, metal building foundations, and timber frames. He is passionate about his career and in his free time he reads from various structural engineering resources, creates spreadsheets, and practices hand calculations.

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